Staging Equipment Rental

Elevate your performance on our stages.

Global AV Group provides innovative staging equipment rentals for corporate events, conferences, industry trade shows, graduations, indoor & outdoor concerts private events and speaking engagements.

Because every venue is unique, staging and equipment that is well suited for one, may be less optimal for another. Our event production team will work with you to assess your venue’s layout and recommend a staging solution that meets your event’s needs.

Staging Equipment Rental Inventory

Rigging and Accessory Equipment

Along with our staging equipment, we have a full inventory of trusses, rigging, barricades, handrails, stairs, and step units. We also provide backstage add-ons like artist entry tunnels and quick-change booths suitable for sporting events, concerts, and live performances

Safety First

Keeping Everyone Safe

Safety is the number one priority with any of our staging and equipment rentals. Our team members are extremely well trained, knowledgeable, and prepared to deliver safe and well-executed shows & events.

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