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Craft the ideal soundscape for your event.

Having a high-quality sound system at your event is critical because sound quality, volume, and coverage directly affect your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. If the sound is muffled, distorted, or unintelligible; people will miss the message. If it’s too loud, they won’t be comfortable; too low they won’t hear. Without enough of the right speakers to adequately cover the venue, the listening experience will be inconsistent.

Global AV Group began as “Global Audio Systems”, so we have a long history and tons of experience designing sound systems. When it comes to providing you with the best sound system rental for your event; we know what to recommend! From large-scale concert sound systems to discrete low-profile speaker systems we have multiple sound systems to meet the needs of events large and small.

Not Sure Where to Start ? We’re Here to Help!

Our sound engineers will consider your event’s program, run time, technical needs, budget, and venue when making their recommendation for a sound system that will meet all of your event’s needs. Our trained audio technicians and sound engineers will provide setup, programming, calibration, production, strike and removal.

Choosing the Best Sound System

Which Sound System is Best for My Event?

Is it better to have more speakers or larger speakers? What kind of microphones should you you have on stage? The answer is, “it depends”. The type of sound system that is best suited to your production’s needs depends on a variety of factors that include venue size, expected audience size, and the environment you need to create for your guests. At Global AV Group, our sound engineers will help you determine the most appropriate sound system rental for your event and will make sure that all of the details are considered.

Why a Sound Engineer is Important

Your Sound Engineer: All Ears

The sound engineer is responsible for making your event or performance sound its best. By doing things like “ringing out” the room to prevent microphone feedback, adjusting equalizer settings so that your system sounds its best, and monitoring and tweaking levels throughout the show or event, the sound engineer helps ensure a comfortable and impactful sound experience for your guests.

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