Shading Systems

Responsive, quiet, automated shading systems.

Motorized shades are more popular than ever in homes and businesses where they’re used to increase security, privacy, and efficiency. When these shading systems are integrated with lighting and automation systems, the drapes, shades, and blinds can work in conjunction with your other systems to create the perfect setting for every activity; day or night.

Global AV Group designs and installs shading systems in homes and businesses as an extension of our audio-visual integration services. As such, we provide our clients with holistic solutions that encompass every facet of their homes’ and business’ A/V ecosystem. Contact us today to discuss your audio-visual design ideas.

Motorized Blinds & Shades

Are motorized shades worth it?

Window treatments are necessary for privacy, aesthetics, and climate control. The comfort and efficiency of your home or business plays a direct role in your comfort and productivity and having the right window treatments is obviously important in fostering a comfortable and productive environment but they can only do their job if they’re used properly and consistency. This is where automation comes in.

Motorized shades eliminate the hassle of manual operation. They make hard-to-reach shades easy to open and close as needed, they cut down on the time required to open and close the shades, and they can be programmed to coincide with other automated operations in your home or office. So because they’re easy to use, they’re more likely to be used properly and will be able to improve the comfort, efficiency, and productivity of your space. What’s that worth to you? Contact us to let us know and we’ll recommend a solution.

Voice Control

“Hey Siri…Close the shades”

Controlling your motorized shading system could be that easy. At Global AV Group we know specialize in delivering holistic solutions where all the systems – audio, video, lighting, shades – work together in harmony to create dynamic, immersive environments.

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