Home Theater Installation

Fully integrated custom home theater systems designed to suit your needs.

Bring big-screen joy into your home with a custom home theater design and installation from Global AV Group. Together, we’ll plan your home theater based on the features that are most important to you, determine the best component purchases for your needs, and install your home theater equipment seamlessly.

Whether your home is just being built or you’re renovating your existing home theater, Global AV Group can help you create the dynamic and immersive audio-visual experience you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.

Sound Bar vs Surround Sound

Should you get a sound bar or a home theater surround-sound system?

Whether you should get a compact, inexpensive sound bar or go for a home theater surround sound system really depends on what you’re after. Sound bars are becoming increasingly popular for their small form factor and low price points. On the other hand, people who are trying to build a true home theater experience will tend to prefer the superior and immersive sound quality of a true home theater surround-sound system.

Projector vs TV

Which should you choose, projector or TV?

So you’ve decided to build a home theater and you’re trying to decide between installing a projector or a large TV. Which one is going to give you the better big-picture?

Projectors vs TVs

Projectors are still going to let you get the biggest picture size. However, giant televisions are getting cheaper by the day and unlike about 10 years ago, the quality of TV images has now surpassed that of comparably priced projection systems. While TVs still aren’t quite “wall size” (120″ or more), a 75″ OLED is still very big, very bright, relatively inexpensive and can output an ultra high definition image with high dynamic range. On image-quality, televisions currently have the edge. If you’re less concerned about color depth and contrast ratio and are more into the impact of a wall-sized screen, projectors are still the way to go.

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